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vue-fluent 36 이 주에 업데이트됨

Vuejs 2+ components built using Microsoft’s Fluent Design System based on Buefy.

bulma-fluent 52 이 주에 업데이트됨

Fluent Design Theme for Bulma, inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System.

vue-chrome-extension-boilerplate 57 이 주에 업데이트됨

Boilerplate for Chrome extension using Vue.js and Webpack with Hot Reloading Enabled

vue-electron-template 84 1주 전 에 업데이트됨

An Electron & Vue.js boilerplate with Hot-reloading enabled and common Vue plugins, dev and build scripts configured.

node-vue-template 40 3주 전 에 업데이트됨

A starter template for building complete application using Node.js and Vue.js with some included packages and configurations to help start the development quickly.

puppeteer-template 0 3주 전 에 업데이트됨

A template to quickly start website automation using puppeteer

vue-swimlane 40 3주 전 에 업데이트됨

A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js

prerender-plugin 10 3주 전 에 업데이트됨

A Node.js/ webpack plugin to prerender static HTML in a single-page application.

Speed-up-Browsing 19 2개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Chrome/Chromium/Opera 15+ extension to enhance cache usage.

auto-proxy-extension 2 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Automated proxy switching per domain using PAC script.

ip-shifter-python 0 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Command line IP Shifter

vuejs-extension-pack 22 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Popular VS Code extensions for Vue.js development.

vuelidate-summary 2 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

A tiny-tiny helper function to display summaries in vuelidate ( using vue.js ( 49 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

A Vue.js single page application for basic Management By Objective tasks using ASP .NET Webapi 2 and SQL server

Tab-Manager-opera 7 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Easy Tab manager for Opera 15+/Chome

Better-Speeddial 3 3개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Improvements for Opera Speed-dial


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