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I work with software contracting as my main job, but on the side I also build open source software because I want to increase the quality of free software out there. However as it doesn't pay much, I have to prioritize my paid work higher. If I get more donations, I can focus more on creating and improving more awesome software like LosslessCut.

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lossless-cut 3460 이 주에 업데이트됨

The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing

ezshare 30 이 주에 업데이트됨

Easily share local files over LAN - Like Google Drive but without internet

instauto 47 2주 전 에 업데이트됨

Instagram bot / automation library written in Javascript & Node.js

cognito-backup 73 2주 전 에 업데이트됨

CLI for backing up AWS Cogntito User Pools

dynamodump 34 1개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Node CLI for backing up and restoring schema+data from DynamoDB tables

ical-expander 31 4개월 전 에 업데이트됨

ICS / iCal / iCalendar parser / expander

hls-vod 190 4개월 전 에 업데이트됨

HTTP Live Streaming with on-the-fly encoding of any video file for Web/Apple TV/iPhone/iPad/iPod

in-app-subscription-example 17 5개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Example of implementing auto-renewing in-app subscriptions for Android & iOS using React Native / Node.js

libxcomfort 24 5개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Open source library for controlling Moeller XComfort devices through the USB/RS232 dongle

telldus-api 11 5개월 전 에 업데이트됨

Node.js interface for Telldus Live and Telldus Local API

s3fuse 2 1년 전 에 업데이트됨

Simple and stable Node.js implementation of read-only S3 file system



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