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Hi there, I'm the administrator of; I produce the articles and other projects that surround the website.

If you're not familiar with the website, I highly recommend taking a look first and letting me know what you think - any feedback is always appreciated. itself strives towards researching and archiving video-game content and the stories surrounding their development. If you take a look at the website, you'll see a number of articles available demonstrating the lengths I go to in documenting the obscure and overlooked in as much detail as I can.

Besides this, I'm also responsible for a number of projects you can find on our GitHub group. Here you can see projects such as OpenHoW, an open-source recreation of the Hogs of War game where I'm responsible for the implementation of the engine - though there are many other projects on our GitHub as well, such as those that involve reverse-engineering some games to document how they work.

Why should I fund you?

Any money you donate goes towards helping me dedicate more and more of my time towards, this means more research and articles, as well as initiatives towards the preservation of various games.

While I don't explicitly have an end goal in mind, the ideal end would be spending all of my time towards and even expanding it to perhaps include other authors or developers working towards the same goal.

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Application developed while reverse engineering Into the Shadows. This is incredibly sloppy and is a little outdated, but I'm uploading it here for historical purposes.


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