I'm an digital artist who draws mostly dragons in his freetime.

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Hey I'm Nebel,

I create digital art for the purpose of fun and improvement. I'm mostly active on DeviantArt and Furaffinity. Just created this profile here to get a coffee or maybe even drawing equipment once in a while with the help of my supporters. ^^

I really don't need any support, but kindly appreciate every support in any form you can give. <3

I'm honest, supporting me here will not lead to more art from me or any exclusive content, that's why I'm not on Patr* . I don't care much about money so it'll not make a difference if I get 0$ or 100$ a month. I'm never ever going to make a 'private gallery' and put a paywall on my art. So just support me if you really have nothing else you want to spent your money for.

Again, rethink donating. There are other great artist who could need the money better. I have enough money to fund drawing equipment for my hobby on my own, other mostly beginner artist don't. So think about investing there and make someones future brighter. :)

If you still do consider donating, than you have my deepest thanks. ^^

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