Mastodon is an open-source federated social network. is its flagship instance.

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Mastodon is an open-source server that integrates with other GNU Social (and other compatible) networks. The entire network is like an unlimited number of different Twitter websites, users of which can follow each other and interact regardless of which Twitter website exactly they are on. This has obvious benefits as there is no single company that has a monopoly.

Mastodon is an OStatus implementation using Ruby on Rails, with the ability to be quickly deployed on a new machine using Docker. The focus is also on a clean, modern and snappy user interface.

The project can be followed on GitHub. A live version of Mastodon is also running on, which currently houses more than 50,000 users. Supporting this Liberapay account will help pay for its hosting, as well as the development of the project and expansion of the team.


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