Chris Shelton

I am a YouTube creator and author seeking to make the world a better place through reason and truth.

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I started out on YouTube talking about Scientology as part of my own exit and recovery from that destructive cult. Since then, I've been learning and promoting critical thinking, science and reason - hot topics which I believe can make things better for all of us. My channel is not just about debunking Scientology now but is about education and being real about some of the crazy things that go on in all parts of our lives - politics, religion, social issues, science and all the rest. I think a healthy dose of skepticism and tolerance are the keys to a better life for everyone and I want to forward that message in all kinds of entertaining and interesting ways.

My goals for every video I make are to make you laugh and to get you to learn something. If I can accomplish that with the majority of people I meet for the rest of my life, I think I'll have done something that mattered.

So I need some help. I want to do more and I want to do better and that's where you come in. I've taken my channel as far as I can with the resources and time I have available to me. If I am going to do more, I'd need to get some assistance. I have crazy ideas that involve collaborations and travel and interviews and podcasts and other things. Most of these ideas have come from you, my viewers, in the form of comments and suggestions. I've had a number of people tell me I should get into public speaking or teaching. I realized I can do both of those things right here!

My viewers are awesome and I want to thank every one of you just for being there and for the incredibly kind words I get from most of you. If you are new to who I am and what I'm about, check me out on my channel.

I don't have instant rewards for any of my patrons right now, but once I start hitting certain goals I'll be able to do more with this in the form of hangouts and live chats and even some merchandise ideas I have. More than a couple of you have asked about some of the custom shirts I wear from time to time and I'd love nothing more than to produce those for you.

Thanks for your attention and your time and whatever support you would like to give.

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